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    Five Yards is rewriting fashion, one dress at a time.  We offer a unique design journey for women to create a one of a kind dress. The average design cycle in retail can take up to a year to get from concept to store.  At Five Yards we take out everything standing between the customer and the designer, and bring the design experience direct to consumer.   Who knows your style better than you?  That’s why Five Yards puts you in the driver’s seat of design, right where you should be.  

    During our early launch phase, we’re focusing on the ever sophisticated and forever classic Sheath Dress in select premium fabrics.  Stay tuned for our expansion in 2018!


    The Sheath dress is a classic closet staple that has proved to be a timeless silhouette.  Our Sheath dress is fitted, with accentuating princess seamlines to give a polished look for daytime or nighttime.

    It’s a versatile style to be dressed up or down.  You’ll feel confident and comfortable in our premium wool fabric and trims.  Visit our How It Works page to see the design process, and go to Start Your Design to create your first dress.


    Brenna Morgan started Five Yards in 2017, but has been dwelling over the concept for almost a decade.  Ten years prior, she stood in her closet carefully attempting to extract an unsightly bow from a blouse, which she purchased because she loved the color.  After many attempts at altering her clothes, Brenna went to design school to learn to design and sew her own clothes.   After spending 10 years of her career in supply chain management within the Retail and Technology sectors (and a design school stint on the side), she decided to launch Five Yards.  

    “Someone once said, ‘Everyone standing between the designer and customer are just in the way.’  With Five Yards, I’m bringing a design experience direct to the consumer.  Five Yards represents a platform, but the brand, that’s really the consumer who drives their individual brand and personal aesthetic.”

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